Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Real Estate Portal for Delhi NCR

indianpropertyoption.com is a high-end real estate portal specifically designed for Delhi NCR. It will act as a simple, fair and user friendly website to provide a transparent

platform for buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees.The purpose is to add value to the industry, introduce transparency in property transactions, and promote the western way of dealing in property while maintaining the

highest level of professionalism. indianpropertyoption.com will focus primarily on Delhi NCR and later venture into other metro cities of India.

Company Background

indianpropertyoption.com is a venture of Grahprawesh Ltd which is funded by the Managing Directors and head quarters based in Ireland. The Managing Director of Grahprawesh Ltd has

an experience of over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate sector in Ireland, with an extensive property portfolio which is self managed, along with a reputed

Electrical Contracting company in existence for over 30 years. Sonny Singh, Executive General Manager and Niamh Lambert, Executive Financial Controller, are heading the Indian operations.
The Story Behind Our Name
The word ‘key’ has been used as a symbol of property. We feel most business, particularly property related is done on a referral basis. In India, when people buy or

rent a property, they always consult their family members especially their aunties and uncles and this is why we incorporated the word ‘aunty’. We hope that

indianpropertyoption.com will unlock the world of possibilities for all.

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