Thursday, March 4, 2010

Budget accommodation in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is witnessing a lot of people coming in every day. This is because of the city’s continuous development as a commercial and cultural center. If you want to come to Gurgaon on business or for any other purpose, the first thing that you should decide is a place to stay. The usual answer to the accommodation problem is a hotel but that can be quite expansive.

If you want a budget accommodation in Gurgaon, then the best way to get a budget accommodation is to either opt for rented house or to go for a guest house. Furnishing below some options which are suitable for your budget (i.e. less costly):

1. Choose the house on rent : It is a good transaction to select the house on rent for a short duration (or for the time you want to reside there), with homely surroundings, suitable for your budget, you can select furnished or non-furnished as per your need and comfort.

2. Guest House : guest houses are very much in demand nowadays by domestic and international guests for a short period of time and also known as budget accommodation in Gurgaon. The cost of staying there is comparatively less than a hotel or luxury apartment. Thus it is in trend at present. Normally guest houses are found as fully furnished with all the facilities like A/C, 24 hours water and electricity supply, Intercom, TV, Refrigerator, Room Heater etc. and apart of these some special amenities are also provided on demand (at some extra cost).

3. Serviced Apartment : Its very much like guest house and same facilities are found which are offered in Guest House.

Thus one can choose the budget accommodation in Gurgaon as per his requirement and need by keeping in mind the duration of living there and budget. As there are various number budget accommodation are available in Gurgaon. get details about New projects in gurgaon.

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