Monday, June 28, 2010

Duplex Apartments In Real Estate India

A Duplex apartment is a dwelling containing of two units or two different floors by sharing a common central wall. Actually Duplex apartment will occupy less ground compared to a regular sized house and mostly these duplex apartments will allow two units to share a common perpendicular wall. Commonly the accurate meaning for duplex apartment is that the entrance for both units will be on the ground floor only. Inside the house the bottom floor will contain the rooms like living room, kitchen, bath room and dining room. The second floor will generally reserve for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Purchasing a duplex apartment in real estate India will treat as a single building even it will have two separate units. These duplex apartments are not used for the owners as one to use for their own and another for rental purpose to get rent as income. There are both advantages and disadvantages of these duplex apartments.

The Advantages are huge living area will available. This is well suitable for joint family or the family with more members. Privacy and security can be in superior. Store capacity will be high. The Disadvantages are too much of expensive, higher and usually more service bills and advance amount will higher.

Duplex apartments in real estate India will available with all the ultra modern facilities and with innovative scientific security services. There are many duplex apartments are available in Delhi and NCR for sale and rental. If you want to buy duplex apartment in Delhi you have to spend a lot of money to purchase it. Because Delhi is the most preferred location for NRI’s and for executives and they are ready to spend as much as on those properties.

Mostly these duplex apartments in Delhi NCR will available at prime locations. It is better to buy duplex apartment in NOIDA or in other NCR regions is better to buy duplex apartment in Delhi, the capital city. Because of the existing crowd and property values Delhi is in sky-scraping position. Multi millionaires can afford to buy these properties but to some middle income group may not able to buy it. For them NCR is the best solution to buy duplex apartments and luxurious apartments. Purchasing such type of expensive properties you must be careful and have to enquire more and more the details about the property, location, facilities, available services, security, and proximity to major locations.get details about New projects in gurgaon.


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